Trading can cause emotional damage
Lack of Knowledge can cause severe emotional damage
Emotional damage is the worst thing 
The WORST thing you can do
is trade without the right knowledge.

(we can give you that knowledge)
I have emotional damage
What is Emotional damage?
Fear and panic resulting from unexpected events during trading has ruined many poorly educated traders with emotional damage. Another trading career down the tubes, usually with a lot of the traders money. It could have been avoided with the knowledge from a proper education.

Emotioal damage trashed my trading 

How does Emotional damage happen?
There are many emotional traumas in life that can cause irreparable emotional damage.
  • Someone was in a bad car accident. He jumps at the slightest noise or action. This is emotional damage caused by a severe trauma.
  • Suppose you bought 1000 shares of stock and you got caught in a price slide. Every 25 cents it drops costs you $250.00. You panic trying to sell your stock because your limit orders are rejected or you watch your market order just sit there while the price continues lower and finally sells your stock at the lowest price. Emotional damage is the result.
Why emotional damage is disastrous
Why is Emotional damage so disastrous?

Your expectations are quickly smashed by traumatic events.

  • Each traumatic event causes fear which builds causing more traumatic events. It's a vicious cycle that causes anxiety, disappointment, and failure.
  • Once you have Emotional Damage it is almost impossible to get rid of!
  • It will become a stumbling block that will prevent you from trading in a non emotional way.
  • It will make learning to trade the right way that much harder.
 I want to avoid emotional damage
How can Emotional damage be avoided?

Education is the key. But not just any education. You need to:

  • Learn what to do when you encounter an extremely fast price move.
  • Learn what others have done that caused them emotional damage, so you don't do the same thing.
  • Learn the right times to use market orders.
  • Learn how to protect your trading account from catastrophic loss.
  • Learn a more accurate way to use technical analysis when trading.
  • Learn how you can reduce risk caused by technology.
  • Learn how to develop skills during your education. A trial and error approach to stock trading will cost you big time. Don't do it!
Basically, the more you know and the more practical your education the better prepared you will be to handle situations that would otherwise cause you intense fear resulting in emotional damage.
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  • Learn advanced technical analysis, trading techniques, and more
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The professionals make a lot of money. Where do you think that money comes from? Uneducated traders that try to beat the pros of course.
Some people think they can pick up a little knowledge here and there and beat the professionals! LOL! (Laugh Out Loud) BE SERIOUS! The pros have knowledge, skill, and experience. If they didn't know how to take the ignorant traders money, they wouldn't be pros now would they.

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Would you laugh?
If someone came to you and said, "I've learned some things from various sources about football and I'm ready to play quarterback for the Green Bay Packers", would you laugh or go buy a stretcher? Wouldn't you think this guy was a fool?
You're different right?
So, what makes you think you can learn a little about the stock market and take the money from the pocket of the professionals?
I'm a fully licensed broker and have watched the trading of those that "knew what they were doing". It was sad to watch them, like watching a blind person crossing a California freeway during rush hour. As an educator it pains me to see these mistakes repeated over and over.
Types of Trading
  • Daytrading typically means you don't hold stock overnight and includes many methods.
  • Scalping is the most intense type of daytrading. It requires the most knowledge, skill, quick thinking, and reaction. Trades usually last just seconds.
  • Trend following is a type of daytrading that is much slower. A trend can last from minutes to hours therefore, depending upon what is happening, you will probably spend much time watching and analyzing.
  • Basket trading requires more capital and the ability to follow sectors and indices.
  • Swing trading is what most people feel comfortable with. You buy a stock today and hold it for days until it has hit a resistance level or until it reaches an over bought condition. The most risk comes from holding the stock overnight. Half it's value could be gone in the morning.
  • Intermediate term trading is a trading style similar to swing trading, but trades could last a year or more. The idea is to invest in a quality company and hold it until the market reverses or continues up. We saw a market trend reversal in March 2000. How many people do you know that wished they had closed out their long term positions then?
  • Long term trading is investing in a company with the idea of holding that stock for years and using the proceeds for retirement. The problem with long term trading these days is that many once solid companies go out of business causing you to suffer major losses. How many people were invested in Xerox, Polaroid, and Sunbeam. They lost any and all profits and practically all their capital. If one decides to gamble on a new and up coming company as Microsoft once was, then there is a chance for major profits, but most of these investments don't make it.
  • The TradeTutor will help you determine the best trading style for you.

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