Example of Realtick 7, Page Layout (2) of 4
Page 1 is a common page layout
Page 2 is an index page layout
Page 3 is for stock prospecting
Page 4 is a (3) monitor page layout


This page layout contains a series of charts used to show the activity of various indexes. An index is an average of a related group of stocks. Frequently, there are one or more groups of stocks that are very active for the day. Switching to a page like this one, in your Realtick 7 software, helps you identify which group of stocks might contain some profitable plays. When finished looking at this page, it only takes seconds to go back to your main page. Change pages as often as you like with a push of one key.

Princeton'straining programs incorporate "pause and create" capability. As the training video is showing you the steps to create this or any other chart, you can pause the training video and create part of the chart in Realtick 7, then continue the video. Start and stop as many times as you need to.