Daytrading: WOW! Work for yourself, from home, a few hours a day, unlimited $$$ potential, freedom and independence! What a great living!
   It's all exciting, but...

  Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by all the new terminology, charts, systems, etc.

At Princeton Daytrading, we believe that learning should be:

We have designed our own proprietarytraining program, so you don't have to read tons of boring books with little results.

The Secret!
Suppose you could look over the shoulder of a trader as he described to you his every move in detail. Do you think learning would be easy? Would you retain a much greater percentage of what you saw and heard?

Princeton's Training
We record training sessions with video and audio that you play back on a computer. Watch them when it is convenient, and as many times as you desire. Repetition will firmly seat these new concepts. Our "pause and create" feature allows you to pause the video, so you can create, as you follow the lesson. For example: there are many steps creating a bar chart with volume and RSI studies. With other types of training, we must remember the entire lesson or we can't make the chart. With Princeton Daytrading'straining program, you pause it after the first step and then you create the first step in Realtick. Then you continue the video and pause it after the second step. Then create the second step in Realtick. You continue this process until you have completed the lesson and guess what? You will have created a complex chart easily and correctly the first time out. This is the BEST way to learn, period!

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